Rhine to Donau (Danube)

When we left the Rhine, we climbed small hills into rolling farmland, oats, rye, grapes, soy beans and corn. Later we saw large fields of onions, Swiss chard and carrots, ready for harvest.

Often these paths share narrow farm roads with tractors and small cars carrying farm workers. These are modern farms. This is a generator that uses methane gas collected from silage.

We followed several small streams feeding the Rhine, and when we returned to it it was to a spectacular waterfall, Rhinefall at Neuhasen.

One day in this section we went into and out of Switzerland several times. The only clues were Swiss flags. Cafes gladly accepted Euros. The photo above is looking across the river from Germany into Switzerland.

We took a rest day in the village of Orsingen:

We saw active stork nests in almost every village.

One more day to the Danube. I’ll update this post.

The men from this village who died in 1944.



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