Troll Treasures

Thomas and two prized volunteers!

We’ve been enchanted by Thomas Dambo’s trolls since we first set eyes on some of his work in Denmark. How cool it would be to get to help build one of his trolls? When we learned his team would be coming to Victor, Colorado to build a troll, we decided that was close enough.

As an artist, Dambo is living close to his ethos by building art from reusable wood and creating expressive spirits that arise from local space and culture. Every troll has a name, a unique story, a new design challenge, but all are part of a global troll family, all watching out for the little people. Us.

Working with Thomas’ team was an enriching cultural exchange showing once again, that we are more alike than we are different. To find Thomas’ trolls, visit:

Artist at work

Early stage

Hands on!

Welcome to Estonia

We enjoyed soaking up the history of Estonia. A strong culture who, with other Baltic people, overcame the oppression of the Soviet Union and now offer an uplifting narrative of how to step into a bright future while honoring an entire generation lost to Siberia. The music is a patriotic favorite, sung at the conclusion of the Estonian Song Festival in honor of The Singing Revolution.