More from Alsace, before we sadly leave…

A stop at the cathedral in Strasbourg turned into an epic effort by Claire to get a room booked for the night with the help of staff at the tourist office in the square.

Then what seemed like 100 turns later, and several stops to take in the sites, and ride around busloads of guided tourists, (How we knew where the important sites were) we got to our hotel. It would be well into the next day before we got back into the wine, and small village country, our goal.

Finally after a morning on a canal bike path, and fields of corn, we could see grapes on the slopes ahead.

First however, Claire and Ms. 100 Percent (phone GPS) took us on a little cross country excursion to our guest house in Dambach de Ville.

After settling we went out for a little wine tasting, and came home with a nice Gewurztraminer, bread and goat cheese. After dinner we took an evening walk around the village.

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