Walking My Phone Around Eichstatt

Peach, biege, stone, glass and blue and gold. The light of early evening is different in every German village or town.The buildings angled by the cruve of streets inside the medieval wall play with the lowering sun.
People on the way to drinks and dinner pause on the cobbles, crane their necks, point.
Church bells at seven sound different on every straße, echo through tunnels between squares, cause a pause and smile between the couple having bier.
A few follow the sound of an organ into the soft light of the monasteary.
Bicycles await streetside diners as the light recedes from the cobbles.


Walking My Phone Around Eichstatt — 3 Comments

  1. ART! (This is funny. WordPress says I have to have 15 characters. This should do it)

  2. Hi Claire and Bob, it was great to meet and talk to you at Restaurant Dalmacija in Eichstätt. Enjoy your trip and have a save journey!

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