Vohburg an der Donau and a Boat Ride

View of town center from inside the wall of the castle.

Vohburg is a fascinating small City on the Donau. It was a walled city that has retained the historic wall gates and the central walled castle.

This dongeon in the wall held a woman awaiting her death by drowning

The castle walls now hold a contemporary cemetery as well as a church. It is a popular place for weddings. A wedding party was just finishing up a photo session. I couldn’t help but notice that the newly blended families were racially European, and Middle Eastern. A sign this traditional town is making new traditions

Inside the castle wall stands another morial to the dead of WWII.

This part of Bavaria hosts regular afternoon thunderstorms. They leave dramatic clouds and rich light.

The trails in Bavaria go from wide smooth paved paths between farmers’ fields, to rutted double/singletrack. In most towns and villages cyclists share the streets with autos. In general drivers are respectful. They are accustomed to sharing the roads.

Along the Donau

Our trail ended at the Kloster near Weltenburg. It’s a very touristy place and very crowded. We wanted out of there!

We had been asking about a ferry across the Donau at the monastery for a couple of days. Most thought it (there are several now) was not in operation due to low water, or had never heard of it. So we rode blindly into a potential long steep detour. However, as is so often the case, we had good luck, and an enjoyable boat ride.

We found a small motorboat that would take people and bikes through the limestone karst gorge to a trail on the opposite bank. It was fun, though we couldn’t understand a word of the boatman’s spiel.

Yet another summer festival, mostly about food, in Weltenburg.

Every weekend we have to walk our bikes through at least one town festival. This one in Kelheim featured a traditional Bavarian band.

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