Up the Inn? In to the Rain?

Our first day up the Inn River began with a touch of sun, and hope the weather searches were correct in offering scattered showers.

Trail T3 on the Inn

Soon the crushed limestone trail plunged into the deep forest of a preserve, and we felt enough sprinkles to don our rain capes.

Rain on the Inn

Emerging from the
tunnell of green, inky blue/black filled sky ahead and the rain got serious with us. Droplets attempting to leave my nose remained to tickle umercifully. I hate it when that happens.

Austrian town across the Inn River

The rain did give us some softened images of Austria across the Inn.

Trail signs with hedgehog.

This natural area apparently had hedgehogs, but we didn’t see any. They may be nocturnal. We finished in Austria in Braunau, the town where Hitler was born. It may be torn down. More Hitler coming soon.

Hitler house


Up the Inn? In to the Rain? — 1 Comment

  1. Hi there, you two. It’s been quite obvious that you’re having a splendid time, weather never overcoming your spirits. The hedgehog sign in this posting looks an awful lot like an….echnidna! Good job.

    I do wonder why they are bothering to demolish Hitler’s house now, when they ignored it for a zillion years?? And yes, we agree — there’s more Hitler to come. Damn.

    Be well, and don’t hurry home….

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