Return to Australia; Unfinished Business

In 2000 we embarked on what would become a nearly 13,000 mile bike tour of eleven months around and into the middle of the continent of Australia. That was 16 years ago. We returned to cycle and visit wonderful friends we made during that year. We began by finishing a dirt track diagonal crossing of the outback center. On that first adventure we rode a 700 kilometer dirt track called the Plenty Highway to Alice Springs.

Great Central Road 1 Alice to Laverton

This trip we rode The Great Central Road outback track (one of Australia’s longest) across The Great Victoria Desert in the direction of Perth. 1600 kilometers of dirt with very little in the way of services, food or water, we thought would take two weeks. It took five. 

Our last trip included a two week crossing of The Great Himalayan Range on the Manali/Leh route; no water issues but some altitudes well over 17,000 feet, long bad-road passes and cold. Both require(d) considerable planning (mostly by Claire) and daily unknowns of weather, shelter and food. This one was a bit easier on Bob’s knees and single bikes solved Claire’s concerns about his sometimes aggressive captaining in India. For a good read, pictures and videos of that trip: 2014 India.

For now the post are in post order, last to first, but will soon be made into a page reading first installment to last, with additional photos and text.


Return to Australia; Unfinished Business — 3 Comments

  1. I have been following you guys and your awesome adventure. If I didn’t know you better I’d swear you were Victorian Brits! They were notorious for their derrin-do and impossible adventures. Hang in there and “Good on ya”

  2. Too many of those Victorian Brits died trying this; refused to listen to the black fellows. White fellows know it all! We listen to all advise, and accept all reasonable help. Hard go for awhile, but getting into the swing of it half way through.

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