There is no better way to visit the Baltics than through Helsinki, Finland. There are direct flights from the US, avoiding the hell hole of Heathrow. It is reminiscent of Kóbenhavn, but smaller, easy to cover in a couple of days. The transit is wonderful, but even though there are thousands of cheap rental bikes and scooters, the bicycle infrastructure has a ways to go, and you don’t see many cyclists. Part of that may be laid on the easy to use light rail which puts upu within walking distance of most it within walking distance of your destination. Below Is just a taste of an interesting city.

Interesting fountains all over the city

Eastern Maryland

We found some great cool camping in Western Maryland, and the lovely Western Maryland Rail Trail. It parallels the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath trail, and it is paved.

The C&O Canal

View from our campsite at Rocky Gap State Park


High Trestle Trail, Iowa

DesMoines River from mid trestle

Claire shrank


Busy on Father’s Day

Beer Garden on the trail in Slater

Mary and Joni, new trail friends

Entrepreneurs beside the trail. I picked green beans and corn to sell beside Coal River Road, Tornado, WV