Chasing Trolls

  1. While in Denmark, Claire discovered a Danish artist who creates huge trolls from recycled wood  He isn creating them all over the world This one Mama Mi Mi is in the Jackson Hole area. His name is Thomas Dambo. We think there are two more in the US. Follow! 

Teton Pass

Teton Valley


I’ve always wanted to ride this four mile pass that is very steep. I shouldn’t have chosen a day with asthma, and 20 years younger. But we needed a boondock spot at the new trailhead and, well, the pass was there taunting me. Miserable. Slow. At a maximum of a bit over 8,000 feet I was breathing worse than the last few kilometers of Kardung La, at 18,380 feet in India, when I was but a sprite of 70. Claire rode circles around me. Still, mission accomplished.