Yam Patties and Asparagus

Almost Got it Right

Almost Got it Right

Ingredients: hand full of fresh asparagus, one medium yam, one  leftover fried chicken breast (finally finished it!)  hearty white wine.

Pour the cook a glass of wine.

Preparation: Cook the yam in the microwave, covered. Skin, mash, whip one egg into the mixture and make into patties.

Prepare asparagus and microwave, covered with some water. Leave in microwave with cooked leftover chicken to warm through and finish cooking the asparagus.

Fry patties in lots of olive oil, in a medium hot iron skillet, uncovered. Sprinkle with Old Bay seasoning, or other spice that goes with something a little sweet. TAKE CARE, the natural sugar in the yam tends to make the patties go from brown to burnt very quickly! These were a little dark, but delicious.

Arrange on an 8″ plate and add some sea salt to the asparagus. Enjoy with your sweetie.

BTW: Always turn off the TV, put on some favorite music and focus on the food and each other. Be thankful.

This is another simple but healthy meal, quick and easy to prepare.

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