What the Up is like for us in Tibet

[kaltura-widget uiconfid=”535″ entryid=”bg3j54dvxw” width=”400″ height=”330″ addpermission=”” editpermission=”” /] This is a re-post from our trip of one year ago, In Search of Shangri-la. To see all of the posts in reading order, go to the Shangri-la link at left under Adventures.

The mountain was crowded with construction workers. It was somehow comforting to have some of the road crew trying to beckon us over to their fire to warm up. They didn’t seem to understand that our lightweight clothing was plenty for as hard as we were working but that we would freeze if we stopped. Much as we would have liked to have tea and a visit, we had to keep moving. We got many cheers, thumbs up, much misinformation and even a push from two road monitors.

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