Two Fun Boondocks In Upstate New York

These are two nice boondocks (free parking overnight) in upstate New York. The first is at a state highway rest area overlooking the St. Lawrence River which blessed us with a glorious sunset and rain during the night (the sound of rain on a motorhome roof sleep inducing.After we visited Edwina Dale we stopped at a roadside stand to buy fresh sweet corn. We asked the owner about a place to park overnight and he pointed to a large blue metal building about a quarter of a mile away.

“You can back right into that tool shed to get out of the sun. Then you can come back here after 6:30 when I close, or stay there, either one. I’ll tell my brother you’re there.” He sounded more Canadian than US, but then the border is close, he probably has relatives in Canada. He was just one of many very friendly folks we’ve met so far in upstate New York. They got out of their way for strangers. More about friendly locals when I post from the Adirondacks.

We watched the bats leave the equipment shed at dusk, and slept soundly after a thrashing meal of corn and tomatoes

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