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Follow along as our 2009 bicycle trip progresses across SW China, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, and beyond to Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Tandem An American Love Story

A couple on a tandem bicycle travel around America on a human powered journey of discovery, and discover a new way of living.



20,000k around and through the middle of Australia by tandem bicycle.


Bob and Claire Rogers crewed for four months in the South Pacific on Songlines

Western China

Coming into Western China


Chinese Chess in the endangered hutongs of Beijing.


Ma of Ma and #1 Son who saved us after we were expelled from a village by the police.


Sharing tea with Moslem family beside their tobacco patch in Azerbejan.


kazakh at his stall in the Almaty market.

Eastern Turkey

This woman wanted to show off her very sweet kitty.

Western Turkey and Istanbul

Man cleaning and drying apricots on a roof in Goreme.

Republic of Georgia

The face of Georgia.