The Baltics by Bicycle

The three previously free states along the Balkin sea freed themselves from the Soviet rule imposed after World War II. They have since enjoyed freedom and increasing prosperity with their own versions of a mix of Capitalism and Socialism. We wanted to see this for ourselves, and what better way than by bicycle, feet and some public transportation, which is generally excellent. The photos were supposed to start in Tallinn, Estonia, the most successful, go south to Riga, Latvia and Vilnius, Lithuania, and countryside between. But WordPress often had its own ideas.  This is just an introduction and may be added to later.

Art poster in Lithuania

Srt poster

Wedding in the Square.


Inside of a Soviet submarine.

Yellow Submarine!

Bicycling friends playing

Root Cellar

Fearless Leader

Sculpture garden at a castle

Bicycle museum

African religious figure

Banner across from Russian embassy in Rigia

Claire playing the Ukraine national anthem at the Russian border.

View of Russia on the Balkin sea

Hill of Crosses on the pilgrimage route.

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