Backroads Accommodation in Shangri-la

Thanks to everyone for the comments, especially after our unplanned detour to the hospital. It’s really nice to feel more connected to a community and we love hearing from you.

Zippy Joined Us

Zippy Joined Us

‘I complained because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet,’ comes to mind after one of our stays along the backroads of Shangrila. Remember the fun we had with the video detailing the trip across the road, down the stairs and over the bridge to the outhouse? This time we stayed at a “hotel” with no toilet–at all.

The Tibetan women we stayed with earlier were not in business, but this hotel was running an accommodation where the toilet was a five minute walk along the road to where the fence ended and the hillside dropped down through some trees for privacy. One really had to watch one’s step and keep eyes from wandering should another villager be occupying a nearby tree. Even open space here has a purpose. On the bright side, Zippy was able to stay with us for a change, rather than with a baby pig or in the meat locker.

The lone light bulb flickered and faltered in sync with whatever was going on in the family living area next door. We didn’t charge our computer or cameras that night!

China Hotel

Zippy is ready to roll!

Zippy shrink wrapped and ready for China. The wheels are in two other boxes, along with tools and sharp objects, a third bag will carry tent and sleeping bag for the high mountains. We’ll carry cameras and the computer in …

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On the road again soon: Shangri-la and Beyond

We leave September 1 for Chengdu, Sichuan, China to begin a tandem bicycle tour of SW China and SE Asia. We begin in Chengdu, Sichuan, where the earthquakes killed thousands last year. We will visit some pandas and probably visit our first important Buddha statue before heading into high country where the Himalayas transition from the Tibetan plateau, giving birth to all the great rivers of SE Asia. After a long crossing into Yunnan, we will drop into the sub tropics of Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and end probably in Bangkok, one of our favorite cities.

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Bob and Claire Rogers, The New Bohemians

We chose the New Bohemians moniker as descriptive of our unique lifestyle: adventure travel, creativity, self-reliance and frugality. For twenty years, we have lived life as if our time here is limited, has an end unknown to us. Many give the idea fleeting thought, but fear the idea and push it aside. We embrace it.

We are not the anti-social hedonists many associate with the name Bohemians. Anyone who has followed our adventures knows we don’t avoid challenge or discomfort. We get our high by pushing our bodies and minds in pursuit of creative living, travel, and intimate connection with the World and it’s peoples. That is the New in New Bohemians. Many people searching for our site found instead a folk rock band, Edie Brickell and The New Bohemians, since they had the .com long before we conceived of a web presence. They’re a laid back group with a great sound and meaningful lyrics you can actually understand.

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