Thanksgiving Dinner 1: Fuel for Adventurous Living

Recipe for two:

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, garlic, ginger, three or four colorful vegetables and 1/2 cup mixed dried mushrooms re-hydrated. For vegetables I chose broccoli, onions, carrots and red peppers; what’s on sale. You can’t have too much of any of these!

Whole grain rice, 1/3 cup dry

Skinless boneless chicken breast, one

White wine, your choice, one or two glasses per person.

1/4 cup nuts, optional, your choice

Two 8 inch desert plates. Chopsticks. When you taste this you will think these two ingredient are cruel, but trust me the plates will hold enough to satisfy, and the chopsticks will assure that you eatmindfully, slowly.


Cook rice per directions.

Pour the cook a glass of wine to keep his creativity sharp.

Fry chicken breast in LOTS of extra virgin olive oil, with spice of your choice (I used Trader Joe’s 21 Salute seasoning) don’t overcook, put aside.

Chop veggies, not too small and stir fry in LOTS of olive oil, as soon as the rice is done. Do not over cook; should be bright in color and a little crunchy. You should use at least 1/4 cup of olive oil. Keep adding it, it is the secret to keeping your weight in check and your heart healthy.

Dice chicken and add with several cloves of pressed or diced garlic, and a couple of tablespoons, or more of grated fresh ginger (don’t bother to peel, it’s good for you too). Fry for a couple more minutes, but don’t overdo the veggies!

Divide rice on two plates, add stir fried veggies and chicken and nuts.

Serve with more wine. Clink your glasses, look into your partner’s eyes and appreciate your good fortune.

Later a plate of fruit, sliced pears is a favorite of ours. Later still, have two or three squares of dark chocolate.

All this is to be enjoyed with your favorite music, candles if you like. Concentrate on your company and your food. Absolutely NO TV. TV can ruin the best meal.

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