Just Another Spring Day In Tucson

Just another spring day in Tucson. We rode our usual mid day 24 mile bike ride to Saguaro National Park, around the one way loop road, and back. After two days of unusual cool rain, the day was in the mid 80’s and the usual bright sun.

After a wet El Nino winter, the annual brittlebush and ocotillo are blooming strong, with other cactus just beginning a two month bloom.

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Saguaro Fruit Season

We found this young arm with two split open fruits on an early morning bike ride of the loop road in Saguaro National Park East unit. As you see in the second photo, ants and one huge horsefly were already working away at the wonderful stuff, but the doves, bats, and almost every other flying thing of the desert, hadn’t found this bounty. The only reason the doves and bats, in particular, don’t get all the saguaro fruit, is that there is so much of it.

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