Turtle Chronicles Two

Claire and I left Tucson in the spring of 2007 to travel the U.S. in our motorhome, Turtle gathering material for future articles in the magazines we serve. We will wander east until late October and then turn south.
We were on the road for ten months this trip and you will find a variety of blogs and lots of photos at: http://www.newbohemians.net/
There are many other motorhome travel stories in numerous RV magazines written over the years we have traveled both full time and part time in two Turtles.
On this site you will also find lots of our adventures traveling by tandem bicycle in Australia, Iceland, U.S., Canada, and the South Seas by sailboat. You will find extensive journals of our travels among the peoples of the world.
We only past this way once. Grab what you can.
Bob and Claire Rogers