Trans Andes Amazon Journey by the New Bohemians


After the first days along the Pan American highway, we turned inland and began climbing the foothills, and started getting sick. first Claire had a cold at Barranco, along the coast where we took a couple of days off, including a trip to the ruins at Caral. The first night out of Barranco I got a stomach thing from dinner and we couldn’t leave until late the next day. As the climbing got serious I noticed my breathing was shallow, I was producing phlem and was feeling chilled. We stayed at Kajacay for me to recover, but I didn’t and we took a bus to Huarez. It was the beginning of a serious inflammation of my lungs that would last the duration of the trip, despite antibiotics and many rest days. It required prednisone to cure upon my return to Tucson.

I will always remember the stay in Kajacay for the worst ear-worm music I have ever experienced. Check the next post to hear it for yourself. If you dare.

Peruvian town Plaza

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