Iceland: Crossing the Middle

Panoram of a bay in northern Iceland

Midnight Sun
For more information on bike touring Iceland visit:

The Icelandic Mountain Bike Club

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Cycling in Iceland

Condition of Mountain Tracks

Icelandic Meteorological Office

Grapevine, Local News and Culture


Claire Davesdottir (a.k.a. Rogers) and Bob Roysson (a.k.a. Rogers) enjoyed learning about the culture and history of Iceland while on their month-long, one thousand kilometer tour.

“What’s next?” friends ask. As of July 2009, we plan to leave for another trip to Asia. This adventure will begin in Chengdu, where the earthquakes were last year, take us over the shoulder of the Himalayas and through the Tibetan cultural areas to Yunnan (Shangri-la). From China we go to Laos, Vietnam (where Claire was born) Cambodia and Thailand. We’ll be making regular posts on the main site beginning sometime in September. Come along for another ride.