On our way to India

Applause, Zippy ready for India

Applause, Zippy ready for India

We leave Tucson today for a few months in India. We begin in Ladakh, tight between Pakistan and China, in the Tibetan cultural, and landscape land. We start in Leh, in an 11,000 ft. valley in the Himalayas.

We’ll hang out exploring temples while we acclimatize, then test some passes, and ourselves. We’ll stay about a month in the mountains and then descend into the plains where we may take a train to avoid the most populated areas, and go to the far south. We’ll be working on stories for Desert Leaf.

We have a one-way ticket, so we¬†don’t know where we’ll fly home from. It’s nice not to know. We don’t have a phone. We should have internet fairly often and we’ll post here.

The preparation craziness is done, so now we can allow ourselves to be excited. This is going to be fun. No doubt some physical and mental challenges along the way; hey, that’s what makes life interesting, memorable.

I expect my camera to get a workout: Ladakh is called The top of the World for good reason, with the highest motorable road, spectacular scenery, and the Tibetan people are colorful and friendly. We rode across the eastern part of Tibet on our In Search of Shangri-La trip, and want to see how the Tibetans are different here in their western-most range. We expect some differences: they are free in India, not so much in China.


On our way to India — 8 Comments

  1. Seriously excited for you guys. We have delayed traveling to India because we want to spend longer than two weeks there. But once we’ve unloaded our house, the ball-and-chain, we’ll start planning again. Have a great adventure and looking forward to your articles in DesertLeaf!

  2. I was very excited to read that your thoughts on N. India have materialised and look forward to following your blog.
    My trip finally got the go-ahead and only 2 people are going – I do not know my fellow traveling companion. My style is very different from yours 4WD SUV but if our paths should cross it would be wonderful as note you hope to be in Ladakh for a month. We arrive in Leh 9/20 for 4 nights, then to Kashmir – Srinagar, and from there Sikim and Darjeeling.
    Have a wonderful trip and if I see any tandem bike I will stop our driver!!!!!!!
    Safe travels,


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