New RV Friends in the snow below Donner Pass


When the snow turned back to rain, we knew the cold front had passed and our water would not freeze. What a relief. I (Bob) get a tad tense at the prospect of  a night of alternately running the furnace until the batteries are deplete, running the engine to charge them up again, and perhaps running out of propane. We’ve had a few nights like that, and the memory is not pleasant.

We were got a pleasant surprise when a Paul, from a neighboring motorhome, recently arrived from the pass, came by to invite us over for before dinner libations. We figured they had a bout with the snow, and needed a drink; we certainly did. Paul introduced me to his long time friend John, who set out to make our drinks and introduce himself. We found we had in common time spent in Laos and Vietnam. He didn’t  specify which branch of service he was in, but we guessed it was the one that is secretive. After several, appropriately vague, stories about his ventures there, we shared our experiences being lost in Laos on the spider’s web of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and we could tell he knew all about the anti-personnel “bobmbies” that scared us.

Some of his memories were unwelcome, and had lingered for 40 years. When we made clear the Lao people held no grudge about the war years, or even the continued problems with the bombs, I think it was something he needed to hear.

Bill (freind Paul)Paul is a lot younger than Bill; they met through one of their wives, and have been fishing and RVing buddies for years. They were going on a fishing trip to the east side of the Sierras, when they were turned back by the storm, which had closed the pass not long after we came through.

We enjoyed their company, as we do all the RVing people we meet, and said goodnight reluctantly.

We saw them leave in the morning, and hope it was for a fine week of sunshine and full creels, because Bill is fighting cancer, and because they both deserve yet another fine RV trip, and many more.


New RV Friends in the snow below Donner Pass — 3 Comments

  1. Bob and Claire. Enjoyed your feature on new RV friends. Paul and I finally got to Frenchman’s lake about 1 pm Tues.. Lots of snow. Fishing was not so good. Paul caught only 2 the entire trip, I caught 6 on Thur after going 2 days without a fish. We came home on friday. Sorry to hear Chico has an RV ordance. I like Chico. My mother-in-law lived there for 30 years so know it well. Enjoy your website. Happy Biking. If you ever get back to the S.F Bay area let me know. Just don’t bring snow.

  2. Great to hear you caught some fish. I guess we now know who the better fisher is! That young guy Paul still has some learning from you to do. Sorry about the snow. The fish don’t like coming out in that kind of weather either. We had some decent weather in S. Oregon, but up north it rains every day. We should have gone inside to talk to the manager, but got in late.Usually they tell you the ordinance is not enforced unless they call the police, which they won’t. Still, the local attitude of the government gets too me. It is a nice town, and we’d probably go back someday, just to ride up that hill again! If we get to the Bay area, we promise to look you up. Good luck with your treatments, and give Paul a hug for us!

  3. Sorry, I am just getting around to following you on this site!! So glad you could encourage John about the Lao people in today’s world.

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