Lucky’s Blog: “Close Call, I Was Scared!” — 8 Comments

  1. Thank God you guys are safe…I have been watching for some kind of note….but never dreamed you were lost….

  2. Lucky is undamaged, but considerably more dirty. His careful bath will wait until we get back to Tucson. We need to wash our clothes every day, there is so much dust, and mud, which we seem to be able to find much too easily!

    The Vietnamese food is much more interesting than the Lao food, and the beer just as good as BeaLao.

  3. Thank you Nancy. Hope you are having a mild winter. Weather here in Vietnam is almost perfect and the people friendly.

    We seem to have done most of the hills (one more big one) and I am gaining weight!

  4. Lovely rail trail. Lots of B&Bs along the way, smooth and well signed, ice cream and sodas every hour, and cold beer at night. How we made it so difficult I’ll never know!

  5. Bob and Claire! I was on a trip and missed the excitement, but I am surely glad you are OK and Lucky is still able to let us know the news!!
    Bonnie \o/

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