Joplin Farmer’s Market and Missouri Blackberries

The farmer’s market in Joplin, Missouri is arguably the best we’ve seen in our U.S. travels. There were no crafts or art booths. Nothing against the arts and crafts, but they have their own venues, and just distract from the purpose of a farmer’s market, real food.

Above is the lunch we made in the parking lot after buying most of the makings at the market: corn, potatoes, whole wheat bread (with Claire home-made hummus) cole slaw and tomatoes. Everything from the market was so fresh it was probably picked that morning It reminded me of my Mother’s summer lunches.

One of the great rewards of motorhome travel is being able to buy fresh food, and prepare it minutes later. Oh my.

And you don’t always have to buy it! While unsuccessfully searching a forest service track (not a road) in central Missouri for a boondock spot, Claire saw ripe blackberries. We picked a quart in minutes and they were the sweetest imaginable. She made a wonderful desert: the blackberries, peaches from Joplin, her own home-made wheat germ shortbread, and goat cheese. Life it good on the road.

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