One of the best things about traveling the way we do is meeting new people, some who unselfishly help us, others fellow travelers who understand our passion. Some pass out of memory with time and distance, some change, as we do, and slowly drift away. And there are those who linger in our memories, and hearts, for many years. 

We have been able to stay in touch, and reconnect on this trip, with a few from our first trip around Australia nearly 17 years ago. Here are two very very special friends.

In Canberra

Jerry and Trudy tenDam saw us pedaling our tandem across far Western Australia. We sometimes were three days between food and water sources, and they took pity on two silly adventuring Americans with offers of cake and coffee many mornings from their caravan. We camped with them a couple of times, shared dinners in the outback around a fire, eventually parted. A few thousand kilometers later we stayed with them for ten days in Canberra. We have kept touch over the years, including a brief visit on our sailing adventure from Australia (another story), and knew we would visit them again on this trip. We stayed several days with them and it was like we’d never parted. We are hoping they will come to America this summer to join us in our motorhome for a tour of Las Vegas (Australians love Las Vegas!) and Southwest national parks. We can’t wait.

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