Footprint in the Sand; Just a Thought

A footprint in sand. Soon to be erased by the breath of time. A mark. An instant. One step of many. Why make it special? Do you note your marks? Do you listen to the sound your foot makes in sand? Do you feel the pressure, the texture, the cool or the heat? Just a thought.


Footprint in the Sand; Just a Thought — 3 Comments

  1. Interesting light. It looks like the footprint is raised, not indented.

    If that’s your foot, at least you still have a nice, high arch. My foot doc says that gravity has caused mine to fall, which had been giving me toe cramps when riding.

  2. It’s Claire’s foot. Mine have been flat since I was 15. I took the photo at White Sands National Monument; strange effect. You’ll need orthotics. I wore a pair of leather mountain bike shoes until they had no support at all and my left foot would cramp after 40 miles or so. I got new shoes, wear my high hiking orthotics and keep the shoes really tight. I’m also doing toe lifts: stand on something two to four inches high, close to a wall to balance, dip your heel to the floor and go as high as you can go, do as many as you can without cramping, two to four sets with a short walk in between; helps.

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