First Days in the Andes


After the first days along the Pan American highway, we turned inland and began climbing the foothills, and started getting sick. first Claire had a cold at Barranco, along the coast where we took a couple of days off, including a trip to the ruins at Caral. The first night out of Barranco I got a stomach thing from dinner and we couldn’t leave until late the next day. As the climbing got serious I noticed my breathing was shallow, I was producing phlem and was feeling chilled. We stayed at Kajacay for me to recover, but I didn’t and we took a bus to Huarez. It was the beginning of a serious inflammation of my lungs that would last the duration of the trip, despite antibiotics and many rest days. It required prednisone to cure upon my return to Tucson.

I will always remember the stay in Kajacay for the worst ear-worm music I have ever experienced. Check the next post to hear it for yourself. If you dare.

Peruvian town Plaza


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