Scratch Norway. They’ve closed to the US thanks to those who wont get a vaccine.

I can’t get the WordPress app to work with my server so I’m going to try to post from my phone directly to  Maybe I can make this work from the phone. It won’t be pretty.   The pictures are from the Canadian post just below. You should read it!

If you can’t see it on your phone or it looks wonky on the computer , request to friend me on facebook. Well for sure be posting on there.  This will be mellow we hope.  The hard part is jumping through all the hoops due to Covid, and the airlines and countries are very confused. We are just passing through Heathrow airport and we had to get tested, within 72 hours, we made it, and fill out all kinds of paperwork and get it printed out; we don’t have a printer and the clubhouse computer room is closed… We think traveling the Silk Road was easier. There if you didn’t have the right paperwork, you just paid a bribe. Much easier.

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