Day After Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Leftovers (not either holiday, everyday)

Leftover Fried Bulger

Leftover Fried Bulgar

Ingredients: leftover onion, collard greens, red pepper dinner, (see last post) one egg, one chicken breast, Madras curry powder, garlic powder, Trader Joe’s 21 Season Salute,1/3 cup Bulgar.


Pour the cook a glass of wine, whatever is open, this is leftovers!

Cook Bulgar in salted boiling water about 30 minutes, drain, stir and set aside covered. Fry chicken breast in extra virgin olive oil seasoned with garlic powder and 21 Season Salute.  Remove from wok and cube. Add Bulgar, leftover vegetables to wok with olive oil and heat on hot, add egg, break and stir to fry then mix with other ingredients, add Madras curry powder to taste.  Add cubed chicken breast to wok to warm.

Serve on 8″ plate with chopsticks and wine. Sprinkle top with favorite, or available, nuts or seeds. Claire adds chutney and I am not offended.

Be also ye thankful for leftovers.

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