Closing the Rivers of Europe Loop

Cruising through a tunnel of green beside the Main River today, sweating through my shirt, I was drawn to look at my handlebar bag, my hands on the brake hoods; the view shared over the past seven weeks with rivers, canals, forests and farmer’s fields, medieval villages, sidewalk cafes, biergartens, castles, feeling the shudder of eight hundred year old cobbles, hearing the noon cacophony of churches, harmonizing across the river. So many days. That view moving through time, this place. And now it comes to an end.

Our Street.

We’ve been through this breaking-away process for adventures on the continents, the mountains, deserts, the plains, an ocean. This tour of European rivers has been mellow by comparison, but the feeling is the same; there is a hole in the world. It won’t be filled by any time period, any experience, again.

Trail T3 on the Inn

A cuppa and cake.

View of town center from inside the wall of the castle.

From our Room

Concentration camp stone at Hitler’s birthplace.

Bike trail signs.

Catering to cyclists in Bavaria. We’re big business.

Guesthouse owner who greeted us with schnapps.

Modified Citroën 2cv

Everything unfolds new on bicycle tour, every turn in the trail offers a new look at a chunk of Earth you’ve never seen, smelled, felt the air of; never even in a dream.

The stork made a delivery at this home.

Many farmers fields had a crucifix at a corner.

As I write this the Six o’clock church bells begin to ring out across city and village, echoeing down streets of stone and glass. I will miss them.

New and old in Bavaria.

There are so many, churches, cathedrals, monasteries and public religious professions of the dominant faith(s), but a relative few seem to attend services. There is something a bit, not sad, but empty, about a very few people in a huge cathedral listening to a beautiful Bach piece on a powerful organ. (I will post an audio when I’ve had an opportunity to edit it).

Protection for the farmer’s crop?

One of many, as well as small family farm chapels

A surprise along the trail. Cool.

We’ve had little rain, but even that was refreshing, except for the night we were camping. The last couple of weeks have been very hot for Germany and the afternoon cycling was a bit tiring. But, thanks to Claire’s efforts, we always had a cool shower waiting, a cold drink for her and a “gross bier” for me.

Morning light.

The upper Danube. Small, shallow, fresh.

Limestone cliffs of the upper Donau.

Our connection to Frankfurt.

Our Warm Showers hosts Marcus and Verena. Just in her belly is a baby due to arrive by stork in September. We will be kept informed! They are special. Very special, and you will hear more from them.

We (I hope Claire will post from her journal) will post more from this trip, more pictures, a video or two, some audio files, more stories, when we have time and internet. I will, like our other trips, redo the posts into a read-from-the-top page, telling the story from beginning to end. We hope you have enjoyed the posts. For now, if you have missed any of the many posts, you can go back to the beginning by scrolling through the posts, and clicking on the links to move forward or back in time.

Again soon,
Bob and Claire


Closing the Rivers of Europe Loop — 4 Comments

  1. Clair and Bob, thank you for sharing your thoughts and amazing photographs. Through your postings you have shown a side of Europe that I had not experienced before. If there is a possibility of you extending your stay, I will gladly throw in $5.00, if it would help … aw hell, $7.50. Let me know where to wire the funds should you choose to accept my generous offer. Hope to see you both on your return.

  2. I have enjoyed every post. You have a way of showing us all what beauty this world has if we just take the time and STOP. THANKS FOR SHARING.

    “For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. the great affair is to move.”
    (Robert Louis Stevenson)

  3. Too late Randy. We’re stateside. Darn. We could have had a decent bottle of German wine for the $7.50.

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