A Heart Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner – this one for Valentine’s Day

Preparation: Pour the cook a glass of wine.

Chop onion and stems of greens, saute in LOTS of extra virgin olive oil, add chopped leafy collards, red peppers, curry paste and chicken broth, summer until done to taste.

Microwave yam, turning often until done. Let sit in microwave covered. Remove collard mixture to bowl, cover and add to microwave to stay warm and finish.

Cook and main squeeze have a glass of wine together. This is, after all Valentine’s Day. You should have done two other healthy activities with your main squeeze this day: exercise and sex. Dinner is the fianalle.

Coat fish with seasoning and fry in LOTS of extra virgin olive oil. Put on plate with greens, yam and serve with another glass of wine.

Leave the dishes for tomorrow and go to bed early.

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Thanksgiving Dinner 4 for two.

Caramelize cubed onion, fry chicken breast, both in LOTS of olive oil, and put both aside. Cook pasta al dente while you saute the zucchini with 5-10 cloves pressed garlic, in LOTS of olive oil. When pasta is al dente, drain and cover. Add onions, cubed chicken and sun dried tomatoes to pan and finish with LOTS of olive oil.

Put pasta on 8″ plate, add pan contents, grate sheep’s cheese on top, add pepitas.

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Why I Lost Weight in Tibet

European study explains why I lost 20 pounds riding to nearly 16,000 feet in Tibet, was unable to regain after descending to sea level. I was worried about the loss of weight, probably a combination of poor quality and quantity of protein, and why it took so long for me to begin regaining it when better food was available in SE Asia.

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