Birthday Ride to Cape Royal

Greeting motorcycle friends on a hairpin turn at Grand Canyon North

Greeting motorcycle friends on a hairpin turn at Grand Canyon North

Claire and I rode our road bikes to Cape Royal at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on my birthday. It was a hilly 45 miles ride all at 8000 feet or more. We were the only bicyclists on the road, but there were many motorcycles. One group of three guys from Italy were impressed that we were managing the ride.

I was also suffering from a dry socket after a tooth extraction earlier in the week, and was a little gumpy about that, and being so far from a dentist. It was a beautiful, challenging ride; unfortunately the visitor’s center personnel discourages cyclists since there is no paved shoulder. However drivers are so intent on the curvy road they drive slowly and respectfully. I went back and told the ranger to ask the simple question, “Do you consider yourself an experienced cyclist?” If the potential rider answers yes, they probably can handle it, but may suffer from the altitude as I did for part of the ride.

We stopped for some fun pictures at a convex mirror on one of the shart turns,  just as our motorcycle friends passed.

North Rim of Grand Canyon

Cape Royal has some of the best viewpoints in Grand Canyon National Park, and if you are a cyclist, and fairly fit, you would love the ride; just don’t expect to be as fast as you are at home.

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