We’re back in the saddle again. Out where a friend is a friend…

Claire cleaning horse shit from horse shoes

Claire cleaning horse shit (that’s what they call it here) from a horseshoe, attached to a horse, of course.

pony wagon after sunset stillwell

Last week we hung out with the cowboys and cowgirls, and their horses, at the Stillwell Ranch in Big Bend country, West of the Pecos. We had heard about the big trail ride on previous visits to the ranch, and were really happy to have lucked on the right week, so we stayed a couple of extra days. We met lots of fine Texans (we didn’t talk politics) ate lots of Wally’s fine trail cooking, cut a rug at the cowboy dance and even got in a bike ride down towards Mexico. Next? West Texas is always full of surprises.

Wally’s feed tent.Wally's Cook Tent


New friends.

Claire on her steed, riding toward La Linda.

Claire riding toward Mexico

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