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In a culture where wealth abounds and happiness eludes, our goal is to show up for life; to, like Thoreau: “…learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

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We value adventure as a portal to self-discovery, and to the wonder of life. We seek to confront our fears and perceived limitations, to push back the curtain of uncertainty and marvel at the world we find.



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Who we are: Claire and Robert Rogers (Bob), married in 1990, bookends to the baby boomer generation, we are dedicated to getting the most from this adventure of life. To that end, we seek our own fulfillment through adventure travel, creative pursuits, and living as simply as is reasonable.

Our site introduces several adventures: North America, Australia, The South Pacific, Asia and South America, including 43,000 miles, carrying all we might need, for up to a year at a time, sleeping in a small tent, spending 24 hours a day together. We crewed on a sailboat in the South Pacific; four months of white-knuckle sailing and lazy evenings with the mellow islanders of Melanesia, pedaled across the center of muddy, frozen and beautiful, Iceland, traversed the Silk Road, searched for Shangri-La, crossed the Andes and floated the Amazon, pedaled the highest moterable road in the world in remote Ladakh, India, rode the longest outback track i Australia and mellowed out with a summer on the trails of Europe.

These pages also highlight our professional pursuits: Claire’s magazine writing, Bob’s magazine writing and photography, an ebook of Bob’s novel, with links to Amazon and Kindle versions.

brogers644@yahoo.com  clairebike@yahoo.com  


Our own Australian road train; Zippy, B.O.B. trailer and us for 12,000 miles.


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  2. Hi….iam d one v met at Hunder,Nubra valley…(kerala people).hope u r n gud health…all best for ur trip…

  3. Hi Claire and Bo, I met you at Coledale. Just wondering if you are heading to Victoria this trip? My dad and his wife Connie live in the Dandenongs. I think you would get along very well with them!

  4. Jane,
    We were already past Victoria on the 25th, but thank you for the offer. Next trip! We do love Australia, and Australians.

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