Videos of our first days on the Tea and Horse Route

So many things go on during our days of pedaling that we thought it would be good to post a video of what we see in an average day so far. This is combined from three days, with lots left out!


Goat to market

Goat on the way to market.

Lucky says he is not ready to comment on this bicycle touring thing, or China. His white is turning gray like us, and everything else here, and the rough roads are taking a toll. He’ll reserve comment until the mountains, soon. I hope the beauty of the high country wins him over, and ends his silence. Claire and I have done this a few times, but it’s all new to Lucky.

The locals in Ya’an make steep uphill signs, raise their eyebrows and exclaim when we tell them where we are going. One man, in elaborate pantomime, told me we should take a bus.

It’s all a bit unnerving, especially the idea of the four kilometer tunnel somewhere ahead, and the rain last night didn’t help. Ah the pleasures of the unknown. It always works out, somehow.


Videos of our first days on the Tea and Horse Route — 3 Comments

  1. Is the goat alive? I could not tell. It is nice to have all that time ahead of you, so you can pace yourselves and not worry too much about the mountains ahead…one day at the time.

  2. He was alive and very vocal. Claire thinks he was being burnt by the exhaust pipe.

    We are indeed pacing ourselves; a lesson learned the hard way.

  3. That’s how I knew it was coming, because I could hear the poor thing bleating. I’m also pretty worried that we’ll probably see a puppy get hit on the road before the trip is over.

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