An evening on Joe’s Pond with Jim and Sue Paulsen.

We met Jim and Sue tandem touring in Nova Scotia in 1999. They had dinner with us in Turtle One several years ago in Tucson. We visited them in South Burlington, where we managed to get in two parties, and a bicycle ride that included a ferry ride, bicycles only. A day later, after we’d test driven and photographed a Roadtrek, we met them at the family camp on Joe’s Pond, VT, for dinner, a short paddle and after breakfast, a sun warmed morning on the porch, watching loons and comparing world-travel stories. They showed up at the library in St. Johnsbury, where we were desperately in need of a break, and we enjoyed tomato sandwiches with them on the front lawn. We were jealous that they could ride off into the sunshine, while we went back to the computers.

Two Bicycle ferries passing on Lake Champlain.

Jim and Sue at home in South Burlington

Vermont grown.

Vermonters fly the flag more than any place we’ve been.

A foggy morning at Cold Hollow Cider Mill. A wonderful boondock (ask first).

Watching the very early stages of the process at Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory.

Library in St. Johnsbury, VT


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