Turtle Crosses Donner Pass; Snow

Donner Pass Snow

We didn’t get stalled and have to eat our stuffed pandas, but it was close; it could have been the other way around, after all they are bears! Donner Pass was not supposed to be snowed in this time of year, but the storm track had other ideas and dumped on us. By the time we saw the “chains required” sign, we couldn’t find a spot to turn around. Neither of us has ever driven a 10,000 pound vehicle on snow before, but we didn’t have much choice.

After a couple of hours we broke out below the worst of it and found a roadside rest. The sign said eight hours maximum, but we figured the state police wouldn’t throw us back into the storm. We checked the weather and with the temperature already at 28 degrees and projected to drop into the low 20’s I had more than a little concern about our water freezing. What to do? We snuggled up and took a nap, a lullaby of  raindrops, and an occasional snow plop from to lull us to sleep.

We woke up to heavy snow, and somewhat warmer temperatures, a good thing. We also discovered that another motorhome had joined us, and one of the residents was coming toward us.

The rest of the story in a couple of days.

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