The Turtle Chronicles; Motorhome Travel, New Horizons

Tomorrow we begin six months of travel in our motorhome, Turtle. We begin another volume of the Turtle Chronicles; motorhome travel and the discoveries it brings. This is not the full on adventure our bicycle tour In Search of Shangri-la, but a mellow exploration from Tucson to Alaska and back, the crooked long slow way, with lots side trips by bicycle, hikes to discover new sights, and as always, making new friends. Join us, and look for my essay in Escapees Magazine. I’ll give you a heads up and a link.

Boondock in Utah


The Turtle Chronicles; Motorhome Travel, New Horizons — 2 Comments

  1. Didn’t know you were going to AK. Are you going to hike the Chilkoot trail?

  2. I don’t yet know where the Chilikoot trail is? I’ll look it up, and see if we’re going there. It sounds interesting, just the name.

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