The Road to Paradise is Steep

woman riding bike on a steep grade past an image painted on the pavement Road to Paradise near Chico, CAClaire riding a steep section of the hill just before Paradise, CA near Chico. We are guessing this section was maybe 12 percent. This is part of the Chico Century ride, and the site of a steep hill-climb time trial. We could have used lower gearing! My knee gave me what-for on our next ride, and 89 miler.

This was a fun ride, but we wouldn’t come back to Chico because we had a nasty note about overnight parking the next morning. That usually means the local RV parks have pushed through an ordinance aimed directly at RVs and Wal*Mart. We were careful not to spend any money in Chico. Too bad, otherwise it’s a nice town. Using the law to promote specific businesses, and target other businesses (Wal*Mart) is not good business in the long run.

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