The Pups Watch Us

Fergus minding Claire one summer past

We are in Maryland at Claire’s father’s, a border collie farm near Westminster, Maryland.

Dave McCabe and his wife Lynn, fell in love with border collies a few years ago, first with Fergus and then a rescue dog, Paddy. Paddy unfortunately had been on his own for nearly a year, and had health issues that eventually claimed him, but not after he had enjoyed several years of unconditional love and excellent medical care. He was recently replaced with Nala, another rescue dog, but with a much better past. Fergus and Nala are both top dogs, humans are subordinate. They eat hamburger ground turkey mixed with dry dog food, topped with Pupperoni. The dogs, not the humans. The humans have to eat things like prime rib, veggies an salads.

The puppies, as Dave calls them, are watching Claire and I for a week while Dave and Lynn cruise the Rhine. Somebody has to do it; watch us, that is.
We try and not be too much trouble. Claire doesn’t chew up the furniture and I hardly ever knock over lamps while chasing a ball. We don’t ask to be taken outside too often, but we do seem to prefer getting walked when it is raining hard. Some days the puppies want to stay in their outdoor play space (pen) and they send us to Turtle, so Claire can meet her deadlines, and I can write drivel like this.

The pups let us go for a bike ride Sunday, and I used the excuse of going to the post office to ride 32 miles another day. Boy did I get a barking at when I got back; must have worried Fergus.

Fall has come to the East, and gone, directly into winter. Not really, but it seems that way, when temperatures go from 80 to 50, and skies go from blue to rain in a few days.

We found some the best leaf color when we first arrived in Maryland, but the rain and wind have turned them brown and taken half of them off the trees already, and there are still faded green leaves hanging on. This is indeed a strange autumn.

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