The Kimberly in NW Australia, at risk from oil spill

One of the problems with being widely traveled, is that you fall in love with so many places, and people who live there. Last year it was an earthquake in China and the Russian invasion of The Republic of Georgia, that had us hurting. Now the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) tells us that one of the most beautiful, most remote coasts in the world, is under threat from a drilling rig oil spill.

Claire and Zippy on Cable Beach, Broome, Kimberly, Western Australia

Claire and Zippy on Cable Beach, Broome, Kimberly, Western Australia

We rode our tandem a few thousand kilometers across and through the middle of Australia, through the Kimberly, in the far northwest. The Kimberly region is the size of California with 41,000 residents. Think of that. We rode for two to three days without seeing human habitation. There are bulbous baobab trees and bush fires on the land, crocks and huge snakes in the billabongs and camels stomping around the tent in the night. Lovely.

We arrived in Broome probably the most remote town in the English speaking world, just in time for our anniversary, so it holds a special place in our hearts. The coast there is like all the coasts in Australia, spectacular. But the Kimberly coast is special for it’s remoteness and the austere red rock beauty and beautiful, but often violent weather.

We can only hope the spill in contained before it ruins one of Earth’s special places.

For more on the Kimberly and our 20,000 kilometer ride around Australia, see the link Around Australia by Tandem on the Home page, or click here

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