Zippy: 40,000th mile.

Give or take 100 miles, Zippy has carried us 40,000 miles around the world. He was allowed his wish, and said he wanted to play in Saigon traffic. We gave him his wish. Claire is amazed at how many near misses Zippy had; she could fee the heat from the motorcycle mufflers. Imagine what this would be like if all these motorcycles were cars! I would have liked to have been here when they were all bicycles. Well, on second thought, maybe not.

We could have never dreamed of this day when we rode away from our home in Dungeness, Washington. We are thankful for the adventures, the new friends, and the direction our lives have taken. It is amazingly appropriate that we reached this milepost in the city where Claire was born, 45 years ago.

We have a date with the mighty Mekong tomorrow. We first saw the muddy waters of the Mekong in Yunnan province China, still high in the mountains. It will be a very different river in the delta as it nears the sea.

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Lucky’s Blog: “Close Call, I Was Scared!”

Claire and Bob Rogers got lost in the jungle in Laos, and Lucky, their stuffed panda got scared. They wer in an area not yet cleared of anti-personnel ordinance from the Vietnam War. This time they almost went too far with this adventure stuff.

The first day they got lost. It was really hot. Some nice villagers took them to the head man and he said they could stay. We slept under our mosquito net. They ate some funny food. The village stayed up late watching Bob and Claire. They even watched them brush teeth. The head man said they’d not seen foreginers before. Probably because other foreigners are not stupid to get lost in the jungle on a bicycle!

The second day the village men told us how to get un-lost. But they had never been far from their village, so they were wrong. We were lost all day. They had to push Zippy in the mud and through stickers. We didn’t see any snakes. There were mosquitoes and deep water. They fell lots, and it hurts my fluff head when we fall! Bob makes loud words when we fall. Zippy is hurt, but he can still go.

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