Iceland Eruption: Causing Air Delays in Europs

It appears the volcano in Iceland is not going to go back to sleep without causing mankind to take notice of the disruption possible. Thousands of flights have been canceled by the the ash cloud ejected from the eruption under a glacier. The ash is even more destructive to air traffic because some of it may be turned to glass by the ice before being ejected high into the air.We’ll just have to wait and see if this will last for weeks and cause major economic disruption in North Atlantic and European transportation, or fade away quietly. I wouldn’t bet on either.

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Christmas Card from Bangkok

Happy Christmas from Bangkok

Happy Christmas from Bangkok

Happy Christmas from Bangkok, from Bob and Claire and Lucky. P-bear, Lai Lai and Foster send their best wishes from Tucson.

We’ll celebrate by crossing the International Date Line on Christmas Day. Does that mean we get Christmas twice?

Happy Christmas

Claire and Bob Rogers

PS. See a video of us having a look-back at our Shangri-la journey from Bangkok, Christmas Eve day.

Lucky’s Blog: Monkey Business


Monkey Business

There are some funny things in the jungle. I don’t know what this thing was about. Bob stop him from grab me. I was scared. I don’t care to be used as a model for Bob’s camera thing. But this time I think I was got carried away to some tree and ate. I don’t want to be ate. I not taste good anyway.

I still enjoy visits to the fallen down old rock buildings. There’s lotsĀ  in the jungle. Some of them are getting eaten by big trees. It’s spooky sometimes. Bob and Claire like to climb up to the top on little tiny steps. I hide in Bob’s camera bag; pandas don’t climb high.