Slow Boat to Cambodia


After taking the wrong ferry to the border, we finally found our way to a the most laid back border crossing yet. However after we started riding to the Cambodian border station, we discovered the nice small paved road turned to a dirt path, and would be like that for up to 40K, and we didn’t have much water.

After another easy time with our visas into Cambodia, we discovered a small wood boat at the dock and found we could take it four hours to a town with accommodation for $10: both of us, Zippy and Lucky; such a deal.

Lots of photos from our first two days in Cambodia next post.


Slow Boat to Cambodia — 4 Comments

  1. As I reflect on your life over the last few months, I cannot help but admire your courage and spirit. An adventure of a lifetime! But now I am curious. When do you plan on getting back to the day-to-day grind that your fellow mortal, boring-ass friends back in the States enjoy?

  2. There are many places you have been that I would just as soon skip, but oh, I wish I could be with you in Cambodia.

    Are you aware of Passports With Purpose–a fund raiser by travel bloggers to raise $13,000 to build a school in rural Cambodia? The money will go to an organization called American Aid for Cambodia. The deadline for people to contribute $10 for a chance on one of many wonderful prizes is Dec. 21, but the goal line is almost met, which means the extra money will go for books and computers and such. You can read about it at Donna Hull and I are both participating. Think of us when you pass a Cambodia school.

  3. Richard,
    Maybe we’ll have you guys over for dinner. We’ll plan on dog meat stir fry. You can work out the wine list. That research should keep you busy, when you’re not working on your second book.


  4. Bunny,
    I just checked out PassportsWithPurpose; what a great idea. The list of prizes is long. We’re too late to sponsor this year, but we can still donate. Cambodia needs more schools like these and a small donation goes a long way.

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