Preparing a Tandem Bicycle for the Andes and the Amazon 6

Things We Carry With Us

Nearest Bicycle Shop Can Be A Thousand Miles Away

When the nearest bicycle shop is hundreds, even thousands of miles away, we have to be prepared to fix most problems. I carry up to a kilo of tools and spare parts to fix most of the mechanical failures we might encounter after travel on bad roads, and dirt tracks.

Tool Bag For Tandem Touring

Claire created what we call our Zippy Bag, to fit the triangular space in the tandem frame tubes, to carry tools and spares.

Spare Parts and Tools for Tandem Touring in Remote Areas

Spare parts and tools: springs for Hugi Hub (no tools required!) chain links, bolts, nuts, lock washers, cable ends, one cable, derailleur drop out, derailleur  jockey wheel, spokes, various headset parts, thread locking fluid, multi-purpose grease, chain oil, one spare tube, patch kit, tire levers, Cool Tool and a multi tool that includes a chain breaker, cassette cracker, reliable pump, electrical tape, and perhaps most important, duct tape. Phew. And I might have left something out!

Next: Packing a tandem for travel on airplanes. Not easy!


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