Photos from Peru

Typical accommodation in Peru, former small grocery

Buying an apple empanada in Ancos

Those eyelashes!

Claire's favorite food, cacao beans, good from the bean!

Likely Inca trail

At the bull fight

Llamas guarding fortress Kuelap

Indigenous woman in Kajamarca

Shoe shiners compete in Kajamarca

Market Woman in the N. Highlands


Photos from Peru — 2 Comments

  1. loved all the new posts and the videos and the photos – my bed on cousin number two’s couch is absolutely luxurious and I have only been attacked by overly affectionate boston terriers and have escaped the back yard bear and bobcats…..I am sending you lots of good thoughts and hope Claire is feeling better from her cold…I can not imagine that on top of every thing else having a cold, well I am off tomorrow to continue my journey farther west and leaving colorado springs in the morning. safe journey to all of us >>>> m.

  2. Now it’s me who is sick. A week of coughing up green and I’ve started a course of antibiotics. This trip has been all about being sick. We’ve never had much sickness before. It’s constant, and tiring. But we soldier on…

    All the best on your trek west. Beautiful time of year to be in the mountains.

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