Canals to Strausbourg on the Rhine.

We continued to follow the Euro Velo rout system, and local bicycle trails. These follow canals for the most part, and in rural areas with small villages every five to fifteen kilometers.

By watching several boats go through the locks, and talking to one helpful English speaker, we learned the basics of navigating the canals. It looks like a fun way to travel, you can also walk or bike the accompanying trail, and have the satisfaction of running your own show.

We took a day off in Saverne for some rest, fine food, to enjoy the beauty, slow pace of life here, and meet some friendly people. More of Alsace to come.

Introduction to the Saar River

We rode up a ridiculously steep cobblestone street in the lovely village Saarsburg, Germany. We found a cafe overlooking the waterfall that bisects the village.

It was early for lunch, but what the heck.

We couldn’t resist two of these with coffee. This is not the kind of thing we do when cycle touring the Himalayas or the Australian outback, but could get used to it.

I’ve never ridden anything this steep on cobblestones before, and my knees are talking to me tonight.

A Day of Wine on the Mozelle

Pruning season on the steep slate banks of the Mosel.

Street in the neighborhood.

A Reisling and a pino noir rose.

Guess who? He was born on the Mosel, and was inspired by the plight of the vinyard workers. Understood, and revered, in Germany. Not so much in the U.S.

A bottle of very old Reisling. We’ll cellared, but probably corked.

An amazing cellar of mostly Reisling. You can taste and buy, if you have enough Euros.

Pink Chicory.