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Butternut, spinach, onions, pepitas and chicken

Butternut, spinach, onions, pepitas and chicken

Ingredients: One medium butternut squash, one small onion, five cloves garlic, pepitas, honey, one piece fried chicken or fish prepared as you wish, or in this case, leftover. Wine of your choice.

Pour the cook a glass of wine.

Preparation: Cut squash in half, remove seeds, bake covered in oven, or in microwave. Clean spinach, chop onion, caramelize onion in olive oil, add spinach, dice or press garlic on spinach. Add leftover fried chicken breast or fish to pan and cover to warm through. Place squash halves on 8″ plates, drizzle with honey. Place spinach onion mixture on 8″ plate with meat. Sprinkle pepitas over spinach and onions.

Eat with your sweetie.

Simple and quick, good for motorhome or one pot cooking.

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