Northern Brazil Savannah to Bom Fin

Claire on the Savannah in northern Brazil
We finally had a great day on the bike, from Boa Vista to Bom Fin on the border with Guyana. I’d always thought all of Amazonian Brazil was jungle, or rather cut down jungle, second growth, but the north is wet savannah, much like the Gulf Country of Queensland, Australia. We saw more birds in one day of 130 kilometers here than we have seen in the entire trip so far, all but one or two new to our “life list.” There were stops every 30 to 40 kilometers with roadhouses, also much like Australia but closer, where we got much needed cold drinks to add to our load of water. It is very hot and humid here just north of the Equator, and we were soaking wet most of the time. Our final stop was nearly an hour so we could cool down to a reasonable level before going on. spaceman slot

The border town in Brazil, Bom Fin had minimal services, but very friendly helpful people. The morning of the border crossing we were escorted to the border by two young people on one bike.


At the Brazilian border the police insisted on taking pictures with us and Zippy. They were trying to make us sad to leave Brazil! judi bola

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