Lucky Inspects Claire’s Pannier Repairs

Lucky Inspects Claire's Pannier Repairs Claire has been working very hard getting all the stuff ready for our trip to China and the other places I can’t remember. She asked me to take a good look her stitching on the panniĀ  paaani, uh bags, they’ll put on Zippy the tandem bicycle to carry all their stuff. I don’t have any stuff, but Bob says I’m part of their stuff. I hope they don’t stick me in the bottom of a bag!

I like Claire’s patches. Some of them are blue and some of them are red and the stiches are black. The bags are going to look like a clown pretty soon, if she keeps putting on patches. I asked Bob why they don’t get new bags. He said they are sentimental about the bicycle and the bags. New would be nice, he said, but these bags have memories; every tear and scuff has some meaning to them. The other bears around here are pretty old too, so I guess they keep stuff. I don’t know if they’ll leave me in China or not.

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